Saturday, February 28, 2009


We've been making music since we were 18, when Stress & I decided to start a rap group(SubHoodz). We've been in the Hoodz since then, even though we've taken some long breaks here & there, we've always been hustling in the music business in one way or another.

About 15 months ago Stress & I decided that we needed to do a project for us. Something that was a melting pot of all the different styles of music that we grew up with & loved. The name for this project you ask? ONE GOLD TOOTH.

In the upcoming months we'll be documenting the writing & recording process as we go through it & you'll get to see first hand how we make our passion for hip-hop, hardcore & punk rock mold the final product. With the help of several dedicated friends, we'll be making some of the dopest music of our careers, trust us.

Stay tuned & enjoy the ride.